BB 28 Day Challenge

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BB 28 Day Challenge


Only £28 – £1 per day

Christmas is fast approaching and it’s a time in which people love to indulge! Why not enter this Christmas feeling a bit better about yourself thanks to my BB 28 Day Challenge? It’s nothing difficult I promise!

Every day you’ll get an email with a new nutritional task and activity to carry out in the hope that you’ll be able to spend the festive period looking and feeling better than ever before!

Here’s an example:

Day 15
Activity: Walk 2.8miles– Do it anytime of day you like, during your lunch break it doesn’t matter use your phone or Fitbit to track your distance. You don’t have to stop there! If you feel good or have more time then carry on.
Nutrition: Drink 2.8 litres of water over the course of the day. Add a glass after everything you consume.

So why should you sign up to my challenge?
These healthy habits reduce the risk of certain diseases, improve your physical appearance and mental health, and give your energy levels and immune system a much needed boost.

By completing this challenge you will have improved your total energy output and nutrient intake and so should feel and see the following:

  • Weigh Less
  • More Energy
  • Waist Smaller
  • Less Bloated
  • Sleep Better
  • Feel Stronger
  • Look Better Naked!