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Here are some of my fantastic clients who I have worked with over the years who have not only reached their goals but surpassed their own expectations and have continued to improve every session.


“5 years ago I was introduced to Brendan through a client of mine. I had been telling her that I wasn’t happy with my weight l, I was feeling down about myself and wanted to change my lifestyle.

Brendan came highly recommended to me so initially I had a nutritional consultation with him. I was very impressed and Brendan kept in contact with me seeing if there was anything he could help me with and was very encouraging and supportive.

After a few months I decided to try bootcamp! So one Tuesday evening I went along and although I found it tough, the positive feeling I got during and after it felt great! So I carried on going to bootcamp then decided to try group PT. 6.30am on a park sounded a bit daunting to me but off I went! Read more>


Natalie Devine

Over the space of a few years Id gradually gained weight, through being less active and let’s be honest over eating and drinking.

Then a badly broken arm completely stopped me in my tracks for 9 months and then I gained even more weight.

Feeling very low and the first time in my life I looked at myself and though ‘you’re fat and a mess’… couldn’t fit in most of my clothes, didn’t want to go out or see people, I wasn’t happy at all!

I’d seen a lot of posts via social media of BB Fitness and spoke to a friend about it for a few years before I/we actually plucked up the courage to go.

My first session was horrendous, and I was dead on my feet after 10mins, at the back of everyone when It came to running, or literally doing anything.

I couldn’t move or walk for what seemed like days after that first session but you know what I wasn’t giving up! Read more >


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