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Here are some people I have worked with in the past 4 years who have not only reached their goals but surpassed their own expectations and have continued to improve every session.

“I began BB fitness PT sessions at 6 weeks post giving birth and it was the best thing I ever did for both physical and psychological results. After the first session I cancelled my gym membership (that I never went to anyway) and it ended up leading to a weight loss of stone and half, 3 dress sizes down and now I don’t care what I weigh as I can feel in myself and my clothes I am slimmer. I eat more than I ever have and in the past and I have done every diet from juice plus, weight watchers and clean 9. I don’t know what I weigh now and it doesn’t bother me.

Listening to the valuable personalised advice given from Brendan Blood, helped increase my motivation and become more committed than I ever thought I could be about training. When Brendan told me to try salmon for breakfast and eat 100grams of protein a day I laughed and thought he was joking. But it all worked and works.

I have been training for 7 months now and not once have I got bored or made excuses not to go. It has become part of my life and is now a good habit that I have. My baby weight has gone and I have enjoyed doing it which is why I continue to attend as I feel better than I ever have.

I was trying every diet and making excuses not to exercise. No way did I think at 6 weeks post baby I would be setting my alarm at 5:30AM and doing press-ups at 6AM. But I tried it, I did it, I do it and I love it. It works for me, my family and my life. Who is going to drop lower in a squat? Do extra press-ups? Or increase the kettle bell weight? Unless someone is telling you to. Well not me that’s for sure.

I can honestly say I have enjoyed the BB journey so far and continue to enjoy it every week. Even the days when it’s freezing and wet outside, no one wants to leave a nice warm house but every time I do I am glad I have been and that’s what motivates me to get there. And even now after a long night with a teething baby, my alarm goes off and before I know it I’m down in press-up position doing the next session. And as soon as you hear “Time “it’s all worth it and a great start to the day.”
– Jodie Rogers February 10, 2016

“This is the 2nd testimonial I have written as it is now over 2.5 years since I started training with Bb Fitness.

At nearly 46 years of age this is the only ‘keep fit’ regime I have ever stuck with for any time of my life. This is because Brendan Blood is so passionate, client focused and knowledgeable about what he does.

It’s not just a regular training session….he constantly watches every exercise and movement that everyone undertakes and is not afraid to correct someone, if he feels they are not receiving the full benefit of his instruction.

We receive regular emails and Facebook posts that are interesting, informative and often thought provoking. He is available to all of his Clients at any time and will answer any questions whatever they may be….

Each session is completely different and you are each pushed to your own individual limit in every session.

I have seen some amazing individual results, ladies have completely changed shape and that makes me very proud to be part of his team, it is like one big happy family (especially our social events!).

It simply doesn’t matter what level of fitness you have, Brendan is there to help you assist you in achieving your goals!”
– Tracie Baker May 3, 2016

“I started BB fitness in September 2015 and I can honestly say for my first PT with Brendan Blood, I have never looked back. From one PT in a week, it very quickly became two group PT’s and two Shred it session. Yes it’s that addictive!

Every class you go to whether it’s a one-on-one PT, group PT or evening Shred it session you will be challenged, you will be pushed, you will wonder if you can possibly go on but the second you hear “time” you will feel amazing and you will have achieved more in that 30/60 minutes that you ever have in a gym.

“I’ve been a member of many gyms, usually joining after Christmas, promising I will keep it up this time and then comes the end of Feb/May (May at a push!) I give up or think of some excuse why I can’t go. But been a part of Bb fitness is more than just your daily exercise class because it doesn’t stop there, Brendan is constantly giving advice and support through Facebook, Twitter and weekly emails; and all of this really does keep you going. Over 8 months with Bb Fitness and hand on heart can say I would never join a gym again!

And finally the girls at Bb fitness, if you have ever had that nervy feeling about joining the gym or new exercise class because you’re worried about what the other girls will be like, will they judge you for not keeping up or laugh because you don’t know what you’re doing? Well stop right there, because there is none of that at Bb fitness!

Everyone is so supportive and will do everything they can, to encourage you to keep going and stay on track!”
– Emma Gibson May 3, 2016

“I started Bb Fitness in May 2015, I was taken by 2 friends Natalie Hatton and Nicola Wood, who both had attended Bb Fitness and looked fabulous. They had lost weight, were fitter than ever and knew loads about nutrition from Brendan Blood and said I would love it if attended as they could see I was struggling with shifting the weight after baby number 3!

By just turning up at Bb Fitness sessions, it gave me focus and made the days feel more positive! The BB family of girls is just so welcoming and friendly, they are encouraging, funny and there’s a real group spirit.

There are all ages, sizes and fitness levels that attend and each person has their own goals and aspirations or reasons they attend Bb Fitness.

Brendan is a fantastic PT, he is super knowledgeable, encouraging and he bases his praise always on how you can improve your technique or push you to the next level and at that very point your arms or legs are giving up and your just about to stop – Brendan will say, ‘Come on talk yourself into it’ and you do push yourself that very last step with all that you have got!

He really does care about each and everyone’s progress and assists you to reach your goals! I won’t lie and say it’s easy, it isn’t and with each session being completely different there’s lots of new things in each week to keep your fitness levels pushing up!

The BB 10 commandments he gives you that you can follow are super easy ways to adjust your diet and health to feel better! I would have never heard of omega 3 till now! I

have had a total mind swap from how I used to live; I barely ate for fear of weight gain and would constantly jump on the scales several times a day!

From what I have learned from Brendan in the last 9 months I train and eat more than ever before! I feel strong and healthy! I’ve recently attended a free seminar on how to follow the BB commandments and this helped to keep a daily focus for better health and fitness!

It’s addictive once you have made that first step – So give it a go – Bb Fitness won’t disappoint!

If you’re on the fence about whether to turn up to a class my only advice is do it! What’s the worst that can happen? you get fit and meet a fab group of girls!”
– Vicky Fleming February 27, 2016

“If you would have told me a year ago that I would regularly train, could run a 10K, and be the owner of a kettle bell and pair of boxing gloves, I would think that you’d had too much mulled wine! But thanks to Brendan Blood and Bb Fitness Elite I have lost 3 stone, 8CM off my waist, 9CM off my hips and am a much healthier and happier person.

A year ago, I had had my third child and then Christmas and had piled on weight, sleep deprivation, unhappiness and stress led to more eating and a vicious circle had begun. I had not exercised on a regular basis for over 10 years.

At a baby group one of my friends told me about Brendan and BB Fitness and told me to come to boot camp with her, I laughed – boot camp gave me images of an army major screaming at gym bunnies, a world away from what I could do, but my friend Natalie kept asking me. With New Year came the determination that I had to do something. So nervously I came to boot camp.

Everyone was really friendly, encouraging and made me feel welcome. I struggled at the back and Brendan Blood was very supportive, quietly showing me simpler versions of the exercises to get me going, or discreetly advising me that I could do a shorter run. It was really hard and I struggled. BB Fitness members said to me “it will be 4 weeks till you can get through a session”- it actually took me 7 weeks, but I was determined. Some of Brendan Blood’s words stuck in my mind “you only have yourself to beat” and “you’re doing more than anyone sat on the couch at home”.

Friends starting other famous diets in the New Year were losing half a stone a week; I was only losing 1 lb per week. However as they gave up I carried on losing my 1 lb a week until it became 3 stone. I became stronger and felt so much healthier. After doing a couple of boot camps a week, it was recommended that I try PT with Brendan as well. These morning sessions use a variety of equipment and are a great start to the day. I really noticed the difference in my energy levels and now try to do at least 2 boot camps and one PT per week.

Brendan Blood encouraged me to set some goals- mine were around weight loss and I also wanted to run a 10K – I had only ever ran 5K’s and they were years ago. I ran two 10K’s during the year and have entered to do two already next year. My other goal was to be able to write Brendan a testimonial in a years’ time!

The BB Fitness program offers total flexibility, when I returned to work after maternity leave, I was able to change my sessions to fit around work and Brendan always tries to accommodate swaps for PT when possible. There are very few people that you can say “changed your life”. Brendan Blood has supported me to do things I never thought I could do, whilst at the same time I have met some real friends for life at Bb Fitness. Two moments from my year training with Brendan Blood stand out the most, these were not races when I got medals – one was school sports day, for the first time I got up and had a go at the parents race and the second was when my son got an invitation to a swimming party, instead of asking my husband if he was free, I accepted straight away and was able to put on a swimming costume in front of other parents and enjoy the party with my son, something I would never have been able to do before.

So if you are considering what resolutions to make for this coming year, get in touch with Brendan Blood and find a new you – my only regret is that I didn’t start sooner!”
– Sarah Bullock January 30, 2016

“I was put in touch with Brendan Blood in September by a friend. His consultation helped me a great deal, most importantly with what I put into my body. He gave me a shopping list of ingredients and also recommended supplements. It’s safe to say after a few weeks really paying attention to what I ate, I was feeling great and nowadays I have so much more energy.

Apart from help with my nutrition, I have also attended Brendan Blood’s boot camp. This has helped to improve my fitness a great deal and the way Brendan Blood programs it, pushes you to you limits, which is great if you want to burn fat.

The group is really welcoming and it was clear to me that Brendan Blood had helped them out a great deal with their individual goals. Whether it is fat loss, a 10k or a marathon.

I have also done a few group and PT sessions with Brendan which was very good. If you’re not a motivated person, I would definitely recommend the group sessions as it is easy to push yourself with others spurring you on.

Yes I have lost fat… Yes I have gained fitness… but more importantly, I know what I am putting in my body which has given me much more energy.”
– James Durkan January 30, 2016

“Pretty much anyone can scribble down a few strength exercises they’ve seen on YouTube and bark orders at you, demanding you to perform ‘ten push-ups, now!’ and to ‘keep working hard’. I’ve wasted too much time in uninspiring exercise classes led by ‘that guy’ – plus he won’t contact you until you grace his palm with silver (or a £5 note) the following week. Does that seem all too familiar? Instead, I implore you to work Brendan bLOOD!

A genuine guy who genuinely wants to help. He constantly educates himself as well as his clients and passes his knowledge on in a way that a devoted teacher would.

Whilst there is a range of abilities, shapes and sizes that attend his varied sessions, no-one is ever left behind. He ensures he knows everyone’s name, tailors his approach in a way to motivate each individual and drags every last bit of effort out of you until he says its home time.

The all-round approach of specific, directed exercise and sensible, sustainable dietary advice propels him much higher from the rest in a crowded industry.

Whatever your goal may be; whether it’s losing those love handles, keeping the fat off or in training for an upcoming endurance event then Brendan Blood’s sessions are the best place for you.

My ultimate goal is to achieve a Brad-Pitt-in-Fight-Club physique (Google it) and I’m not exactly there, quite a way off in fact. But after leaving each session I feel a step closer to the ideal. If only Brendan Blood could cure my desire for Chinese food then I would be much closer”
– Adam Roussak January 30, 2016

“I had heard about a lot of people attending ‘boot camp’ and it sounded like my sort of thing and I had heard about this boot camp on the Village at Culcheth on Tuesday evenings so I went along and did my first session. It killed me, I was sore for four days afterwards and literally could not walk but I loved every minute of it. I took it at my own pace to start with, when everyone else did ten press-ups I did three or four and gradually over the weeks I felt myself getting stronger and stronger and managed to start doing more and more of the exercises. I now do at least two sessions a week and try to get to three if I can and I plan on doing some Personal Training sessions with Brendan Blood once the kids have gone back to school. The sessions are fantastic for me as I enjoy the outdoors and the thought of being inside a gym makes me feel sick.
Brendan posts a lot of nutritional advice on his Facebook page which I follow and also dishes out advice whilst kicking us into touch during our sessions. He encourages without shouting, he praises without being over the top and he notices when you put extra effort in.

I’m four months in to this exercise plan and up to now I’ve lost nearly two stone. To be honest though, the weight loss is irrelevant to me. What has made the massive difference is my shape. I’ve had to be re measured for Bras as I’ve lost 4 inches off my back. I’ve had to buy all new clothes as I’ve dropped two dress sizes. I have never been able to even feel the bottom of my ribs and now they are clearly visible. My waist and stomach have both shrunk and are starting to firm up and my arms are a hell of a lot stronger. I feel fantastic, I can run up the stairs every time and people are now starting to comment on my change in shape.”
– Joanne Grundy January 30, 2016

“After a very traumatic birth and difficult start to my son’s life, I found myself in a depressive state, carrying all this excess weight, with not an ounce of motivation to get out or enjoy motherhood.
Eventually I was prescribed medication for my depression and I saw a future of pretty much nothing. Then a friend who I had noticed was looking incredible after carrying her baby at the same time as me, introduced me to Bb fitness, I was reluctant to go as my confidence amongst other people was rock bottom, however on arrival at boot camp, I soon felt really welcomed by other members and Brendan was far from the scary instructor I envisioned. In fact, I soon got talking to other members, who all had their own little stories and goals.
The boot camp sessions were far from easy at first, but I pushed myself to get there and get through, week by week, finding out I could do things I couldn’t do a week or two before. And to top it off, I began to feel happy again.
Brendan Blood would update me weekly with great tips and advice on eating the right foods, exercising at home and within months, people were commenting on not only my physical appearance, but how I seemed to me more like ”me” again.
With the upkeep of the sessions, I was able to end my medication, and replace them with exercise. I am now to just under my pre-baby weight, and from January this year to date, lost another 4 inches off my waist. Shopping for clothes is now fun, and recently I was asked to model for a friend’s make-up promotion, and when I saw the pictures, I could have patted myself on the back for keeping up with all of Brendan Blood’s, advice, tips and guidance! It works! I have so much energy and life in me again and I can enjoy running around with my son being the mom I always wanted to be.
People, if you’re looking for the right answer to being a happier, fitter you, get down to Bb Fitness, and leave the “lose 2 stone in a week” spam emails unopened. Thank you for helping me on my journey Brendan Blood.”
– Emma Brown January 30, 2016

“Working with Brendan over the last year has improved my levels of overall body fitness better than I have ever been. The classes push me every time and I always crawl away with a smile on my face as not only have I enjoyed the exercise but the friends who have encouraged and supported me to be the best I can be.”
– Nick Hurst January 30, 2016

“In April of this year I had a M.E.L.T diet consultation, Brendan personalised shopping list, meal suggestions snack & drinks based around food that I enjoy, with this and upping my sessions to twice a week I have really started to see results. I don’t weigh myself often, last time I did I had lost a stone, I have dropped a dress size and feel & look, as family & friends have noticed, more toned! I feel much more energetic & healthy.

If you want to lose weight, tone up or just need to get fit get in touch with Brendan Blood or turn up at one of the sessions it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself, I’ve still got a way to go but I’m really happy with the results. I’ve already got. Thanks Brendan Blood, I couldn’t have done it without you!”
Lisa Fulton-Hopper January 30, 2016