Pretty much anyone can scribble down a few strength exercises they’ve seen on YouTube and bark orders at you, demanding you to perform ‘ten push-ups, now!’ and to ‘keep working hard’. I’ve wasted too much time in uninspiring exercise classes led by ‘that guy’ – plus he won’t contact you until you grace his palm with silver (or a £5 note) the following week. Does that seem all too familiar? Instead, I implore you to work Brendan bLOOD!

A genuine guy who genuinely wants to help. He constantly educates himself as well as his clients and passes his knowledge on in a way that a devoted teacher would.

Whilst there is a range of abilities, shapes and sizes that attend his varied sessions, no-one is ever left behind. He ensures he knows everyone’s name, tailors his approach in a way to motivate each individual and drags every last bit of effort out of you until he says its home time.

The all-round approach of specific, directed exercise and sensible, sustainable dietary advice propels him much higher from the rest in a crowded industry.

Whatever your goal may be; whether it’s losing those love handles, keeping the fat off or in training for an upcoming endurance event then Brendan Blood’s sessions are the best place for you.

My ultimate goal is to achieve a Brad-Pitt-in-Fight-Club physique (Google it) and I’m not exactly there, quite a way off in fact. But after leaving each session I feel a step closer to the ideal. If only Brendan Blood could cure my desire for Chinese food then I would be much closer

Adam Roussak