I started BB fitness in September 2015 and I can honestly say for my first PT with Brendan Blood, I have never looked back. From one PT in a week, it very quickly became two group PT’s and two Shred it session. Yes it’s that addictive!

Every class you go to whether it’s a one-on-one PT, group PT or evening Shred it session you will be challenged, you will be pushed, you will wonder if you can possibly go on but the second you hear “time” you will feel amazing and you will have achieved more in that 30/60 minutes that you ever have in a gym.

“I’ve been a member of many gyms, usually joining after Christmas, promising I will keep it up this time and then comes the end of Feb/May (May at a push!) I give up or think of some excuse why I can’t go. But been a part of Bb fitness is more than just your daily exercise class because it doesn’t stop there, Brendan is constantly giving advice and support through Facebook, Twitter and weekly emails; and all of this really does keep you going. Over 8 months with Bb Fitness and hand on heart can say I would never join a gym again!

And finally the girls at Bb fitness, if you have ever had that nervy feeling about joining the gym or new exercise class because you’re worried about what the other girls will be like, will they judge you for not keeping up or laugh because you don’t know what you’re doing? Well stop right there, because there is none of that at Bb fitness!

Everyone is so supportive and will do everything they can, to encourage you to keep going and stay on track!”

Emma Gibson