I had heard about a lot of people attending ‘boot camp’ and it sounded like my sort of thing and I had heard about this boot camp on the Village at Culcheth on Tuesday evenings so I went along and did my first session. It killed me, I was sore for four days afterwards and literally could not walk but I loved every minute of it. I took it at my own pace to start with, when everyone else did ten press-ups I did three or four and gradually over the weeks I felt myself getting stronger and stronger and managed to start doing more and more of the exercises. I now do at least two sessions a week and try to get to three if I can and I plan on doing some Personal Training sessions with Brendan Blood once the kids have gone back to school. The sessions are fantastic for me as I enjoy the outdoors and the thought of being inside a gym makes me feel sick.

Brendan posts a lot of nutritional advice on his Facebook page which I follow and also dishes out advice whilst kicking us into touch during our sessions. He encourages without shouting, he praises without being over the top and he notices when you put extra effort in.

I’m four months in to this exercise plan and up to now I’ve lost nearly two stone. To be honest though, the weight loss is irrelevant to me. What has made the massive difference is my shape. I’ve had to be re measured for Bras as I’ve lost 4 inches off my back. I’ve had to buy all new clothes as I’ve dropped two dress sizes. I have never been able to even feel the bottom of my ribs and now they are clearly visible. My waist and stomach have both shrunk and are starting to firm up and my arms are a hell of a lot stronger. I feel fantastic, I can run up the stairs every time and people are now starting to comment on my change in shape.

Joanne Grundy