Over the space of a few years Id gradually gained weight, through being less active and let’s be honest over eating and drinking.

Then a badly broken arm completely stopped me in my tracks for 9 months and then I gained even more weight.

Feeling very low and the first time in my life I looked at myself and though ‘you’re fat and a mess’… couldn’t fit in most of my clothes, didn’t want to go out or see people, I wasn’t happy at all!

I’d seen a lot of posts via social media of BB Fitness and spoke to a friend about it for a few years before I/we actually plucked up the courage to go. My first session was horrendous, and I was dead on my feet after 10mins, at the back of everyone when It came to running, or literally doing anything.

I couldn’t move or walk for what seemed like days after that first session but you know what I wasn’t giving up! I wanted to be the one at the front.

I gradually added a few group PT sessions in and I was more or less doing every bootcamp (well all of them actually) – although I was feeling fitter and stronger my weight on the scales hadn’t shifted much but my shape certainly had. I was feeling a little more confident in myself but was still stuck in the rut of my weekend lifestyle, not eating right and drinking, snacking etc… one thing that stuck with me just before I went on holiday was something Brendan said to the group, ‘stop rewarding yourself when you’ve had a good week at the weekend, you’re not a dog’… that stuck with me. I needed to pay more attention of what was going in at weekends after killing myself doing 5 or 6 sessions a week. After that holiday from September 2018 to March 2019 I lost 29lbs!! Trained with the same intensity but ultimately tracked my food over the weekends… the rest is history.

BB Fitness is part of my lifestyle, routine now as is my diet… it’s not a diet it’s my day to day life. I can’t recommend Brendan and BB Fitness enough and the fantastic group of girls I train with, so supportive and friendly. Girls who I can say from my heart are some of my closest friends now.

Nat Devine