If you would have told me a year ago that I would regularly train, could run a 10K, and be the owner of a kettle bell and pair of boxing gloves, I would think that you’d had too much mulled wine! But thanks to Brendan Blood and Bb Fitness Elite I have lost 3 stone, 8CM off my waist, 9CM off my hips and am a much healthier and happier person.

A year ago, I had had my third child and then Christmas and had piled on weight, sleep deprivation, unhappiness and stress led to more eating and a vicious circle had begun. I had not exercised on a regular basis for over 10 years.

At a baby group one of my friends told me about Brendan and BB Fitness and told me to come to boot camp with her, I laughed – boot camp gave me images of an army major screaming at gym bunnies, a world away from what I could do, but my friend Natalie kept asking me. With New Year came the determination that I had to do something. So nervously I came to boot camp.

Everyone was really friendly, encouraging and made me feel welcome. I struggled at the back and Brendan Blood was very supportive, quietly showing me simpler versions of the exercises to get me going, or discreetly advising me that I could do a shorter run. It was really hard and I struggled. BB Fitness members said to me “it will be 4 weeks till you can get through a session”- it actually took me 7 weeks, but I was determined. Some of Brendan Blood’s words stuck in my mind “you only have yourself to beat” and “you’re doing more than anyone sat on the couch at home”.

Friends starting other famous diets in the New Year were losing half a stone a week; I was only losing 1 lb per week. However as they gave up I carried on losing my 1 lb a week until it became 3 stone. I became stronger and felt so much healthier. After doing a couple of boot camps a week, it was recommended that I try PT with Brendan as well. These morning sessions use a variety of equipment and are a great start to the day. I really noticed the difference in my energy levels and now try to do at least 2 boot camps and one PT per week.

Brendan Blood encouraged me to set some goals- mine were around weight loss and I also wanted to run a 10K – I had only ever ran 5K’s and they were years ago. I ran two 10K’s during the year and have entered to do two already next year. My other goal was to be able to write Brendan a testimonial in a years’ time!

The BB Fitness program offers total flexibility, when I returned to work after maternity leave, I was able to change my sessions to fit around work and Brendan always tries to accommodate swaps for PT when possible. There are very few people that you can say “changed your life”. Brendan Blood has supported me to do things I never thought I could do, whilst at the same time I have met some real friends for life at Bb Fitness. Two moments from my year training with Brendan Blood stand out the most, these were not races when I got medals – one was school sports day, for the first time I got up and had a go at the parents race and the second was when my son got an invitation to a swimming party, instead of asking my husband if he was free, I accepted straight away and was able to put on a swimming costume in front of other parents and enjoy the party with my son, something I would never have been able to do before.

So if you are considering what resolutions to make for this coming year, get in touch with Brendan Blood and find a new you – my only regret is that I didn’t start sooner!

Sarah Bullock